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Default battery tools are crap

On Wed, 13 Sep 2017 14:30:34 +0100, Bill Wright wrote:

Why people buy battery tools to use at home I really don't know.
Ignorance of the customer plus the vendor's sales hype I guess. Thinking
about it, I bet a lot of people who buy a battery drill have never used
an electric drill before, so they won't realise how limited their new
toy is.


Some tools aren't that good unless v. expensive, but I've been using 18V,
12V and lately, 10.8V combis or drill/drivers for about 8 years now. They're
Makita and Bosch Pro and the Bosch 18V combi is better than the 700W Bosch
mains that's 20 years old, a lot lighter, smaller, faster and easier to
About 7 years ago I drilled 50-off 8mm holes about 40mm deep in my
neighbour's wall (for vine eyes; into rustic bricks) with an 18V Makita
combi. It took ~1.25 batteries' worth, I didn't have to wrangle a flex and I
could be closer, so using the vac to catch the dust was easy - look mum, no
There's a Henry vac. with 2-off 36V LiIon batteries that looks goosd - 300
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