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Default battery tools are crap

"Bill Wright" wrote in message
It sounds so attractive! No power cord! Use it where there's no mains!
But battery tools are rubbish compared to 110V or mains ones. Now I don't
do site work any more I can buy mains powered tools, and what a revelation
they are!

Firstly there's the fact that a mains powered tool can cost less than a
replacement battery. For instance a battery for my reciprocating saw would
have been £120. A new mains powered saw was £110.

Then there's the fact that battery tools run out of power just when you
don't want them to. So have two or three batteries and run mains for the
charger out to where your working ? Give over!

Then there's the fact that battery tools are always underpowered. You pay
more than twice the price for less than half the power. Even the bigger
battery tools tend to be rated at 300 to 450W, whereas the mains
equivalents are usually 1kW+.

And what a difference having adequate power makes! The job is so much
easier. Mains powered tools just glide through the work. The battery
equivalent would be slowing chugging along, then stopping due to a flat

Why people buy battery tools to use at home I really don't know. Ignorance
of the customer plus the vendor's sales hype I guess. Thinking about it, I
bet a lot of people who buy a battery drill have never used an electric
drill before, so they won't realise how limited their new toy is.

Generally I agree with you, The only advantage that battery tools (lawn
mower, hedge trimmer, electric drill) have is that there is no power cable
to get tangled up around your feet, ladders, trees etc. But that is about
the only advantage. My grandpa bought a cylinder mower (ie like the old
Suffolk Punch petrol mowers) which ran off a 12V car battery. He had to cut
his lawn (which wasn't *very* big) on two days, because the battery charge
wouldn't last for the whole lawn, and charging the mower from the mains took
about 6 hours. When I once used it, it was struggling after about 10 minutes
despite being on charge overnight, so I discreetly found a can of 3-in-1 and
oiled every bearing I could find. "That battery seems to be holding its
charge much better now" was his comment a few days later. I kept very quiet!
A mains-powered or petrol mower would probably not get lubricated as much
because the motor is powerful enough to overcome a bit of friction without
running slow or using excessive battery charge,