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Default Polaroid (ASDA) TVs

On 10/09/2017 21:22, Bill Wright wrote:
On 10/09/2017 12:51, AnthonyL wrote:
On 9 Sep 2017 16:24:58 GMT, wrote:

Don't buy a Samsung. They're ****.

You're not related to Bill Wright by any chance?

My Samsung works fine but I can't understand the menus. It could be me.


I have never owned a Samsung TV, but I did once invest (?) in a Samsung
PVR. I never did get the Series Record to collect an entire series.
After 2 or 3 episodes it would unset itself or just not notice the next
episode and therefore remain on a past date.

I bought a Humax instead. It was the first time I ever replaced
something that wasn't broken or obsolete.