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Something I now cannot see. there was an episode of CSI which relied on
signing for one of the major characters in the episode and it must have
been real as a friend who signs said it was correct, so it cannot be that
Talking of subtitles though, In a local news item last summer a friend
told me that in a cookery event, it said somebody had made a very tasty
blame orange.

The Ch 4 foreign series Prof T is interesting as not only is it audio
described but they read the subtitles as well. Its a bit cluttered in the
soundtrack but at least you can follow the thing.
Hard going for the audio describer though.

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On Sat, 9 Sep 2017 15:14:03 +0100, Andy Burns wrote:

I'm aware that British and American sign languages are different, but in
some of the press conferences from Florida urging people to evacuate the
signing looks more like the All Blacks doing the Haka

Someone trying to out-do Nelson Mandela's fake interpreter?

Good one in Sky News subtitles.
"I am standing near San Juan" subtitled as "I am standing near Sam Wong".

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