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On 9 Sep 2017 16:22:33 GMT, Huge wrote:

On 2017-09-09, Scott wrote:
Much as I enjoy winding up nuisance callers, I am now considering
returning my phone service to BT so I can sign up for Call Protect.

Any comments please on how effective this is? I just want to use the
BT and personal blacklists (as I cannot block international calls and
I am reluctant to block withheld numbers). I am interested to know
how much the 'usual suspects' are successfully disrupted.

We went through a week or so of nuisance calls about a month ago. I was
unspeakably vile to all of them (channelling Ramsay Bolton, if you're
a GoT fan) and it stopped.

I've just had one from 'the insurance company' about my accident. He
asked me to tell him what happened. When I got to the bit about the
other vehicle being a UFO piloted by a martian looking like a
character from Dr Who, he hung up.