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On 09/09/2017 16:00, Scott wrote:
On Sat, 09 Sep 2017 15:31:44 +0100, Indy Jess John

On 09/09/2017 13:37, Scott wrote:
Much as I enjoy winding up nuisance callers, I am now considering
returning my phone service to BT so I can sign up for Call Protect.

Any comments please on how effective this is? I just want to use the
BT and personal blacklists (as I cannot block international calls and
I am reluctant to block withheld numbers). I am interested to know
how much the 'usual suspects' are successfully disrupted.

I have a spare mobile with a number I have never given to anybody.
It gets cold calls which I never answer. The caller number is stored
and I can look at who called. Most of them are withheld. The rest are
about four (false) numbers.

The usual arrangement mentioned in newsgroups is to buy the BT phone
that has call blocking[1], because that blocks specific numbers you put
in, allows through all calls from numbers in your callers list, and asks
withheld numbers to identify themselves, only allowing through any that
do. That type of phone works on anybody's phone service, and the
"identify yourself" feature is not part of the BT Call Protect service.

[1] I can't remember the type number, but no doubt someone who has got
one will chip in.

Is it Truecall? I looked at this but discovered I would probably have
to modify the wiring of the extensions, which I don't want to do. (If
you put the extensions through the unit does this mean if the unit
fails or there is a power cut you cannot make emergency calls?).

My thinking is that it should be perfectly possible to filter at the
'server end' - quite possbily using more up to date data - so I am
interested in Call Protect and looking for comments (albeit on the
wrong group).

I think Truecall is an intelligent box rather than a phone. I also think
that it doesn't do the "Identify yourself" challenge.

I had a look at BT DECT phones and picked one at random that claims to
have a Nuisance Call Blocker capability, but there are a range of these
now, so there is customer choice.

It has a base station with the processing capability, and wireless
handsets for the people using the phone. You plug the base station into
any extension socket and the extra handsets just need a power supply
when charging.

While I agree that a power cut will disable the base station, it will do
that to every make of DECT phone,so it is not specific to the BT call
blocking variety.

I have a DECT phone (Panasonic rather than BT) which I know will die in
a power cut. I also have a cheap wired-in phone which can be used for
emergency calls during a power cut, drawing on whatever power the
exchange sends down the phone wires, that will plug into any convenient
extension. It is always sensible to have one like that as well as the
more useful mains dependent type.