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Default sky store film downloading by itself?

Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
Does the Sky box download random films on the off chance I might
want them?

These internet downloads are a reasonably modern concept, Sky has been
running overnight Sky Anytime satellite downloads of on demand content
to boxes for many, many years, all boxes have reserved disk space for

I knew about the Sky Anytime downloads. But there was a link in the planner
to access them. Can't see where on the Sky+ box to do this,so what's the
point, apart from having a programme already on the disc when I want to
order from Sky store. Seems a bit haphazard.

If lots of people buy the same new film, it makes sense to broadcast it
on satellite and save it that way, rather than lots of 5 to 8 gig
internet downloads.

Agreed, especially with slow connection! However, it was sent,to my box
last Sunday and so I only have until this Sunday to watch it, otherwise,
presumably, I have to download via internet?

Remember Sky pays to distribute programming over the internet, they
needs server farms (third party), bandwidth, etc, none of this is free,
and the greater the demand, the greater the cost, although we are all
paying for it through our massive bills.

If you have metered broadband, you should be able to check your usage
to see if the movie was downloaded.

Not metered, and assume that these downloads happen a quiet times. Wouldn't
like to have my PC trying to access the internet when film is downloading -
it would crawl.