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Default sky store film downloading by itself?

Last night, I went to the Sky Store to download a film (Guardians of the
Universe vol 2, as it happens). After entering pin, film was marked as
downloaded. My internet access is of the order of 2MB/sec, which was why I
was planning to start the download last night, so I could watch it today.
There is no way it could have downloaded instantly. Looking at the
information in the planner, it tells me that the film was downloaded las
Sunday at 6:48am, when I was well tucked up in bed. If that was the end
time, then it would have had to have started around midnight - again when I
was already in bed. This odd behaviour has occurred once before when I put
it down to me forgetting that I had ordered the film, but this time I
definitely know I didn't, Noe did my wife.

Does the Sky box download random films on the off chance I might want them?