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Default Which Smart Box to use with Dumb TV?

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On 05/09/2017 12:16, Chris Holmes wrote:


As nobody seems to have a definitive answer as to whether a BT Youview box will work in the absence of an aerial connection......

Several people, including myself, have confirmed that it does work -
provided (obviously) that your broadband speed is high enough.

It isn't possible to be more definite than that.

What smartening thingies could be plugged into HDMI on a Dumb TV to enable access to (via broadband);

BBC/ITV (either real time, or catch up)


Amazon Prime.

Any of the above. None of them, though, will make your broadband any
faster than a YouView box will. They (and the Youview box) are
esentially the same thing.

Some YV boxes have the Amazon and Netflix apps built in.

Some DVD players have built in apps too.