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Default Use a BT Youview box without an aerial?

I don't know about the internet delivered service, but if it uses just, say
the freely available ones like itv and bbc players then if its connected via
wifi and you can do that then it will probably work, however any
subscription services will probably recognise your ip address is not a bt
one and not let you in.
It could be of course that the software only allows bt routers to connect,
but I've never tried.

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"sintv" wrote in message
On Friday, 1 September 2017 21:21:39 UTC+1, Chris Holmes wrote:
Hi All,

My daughter is moving into social housing, and the flat has neither an
aerial or satellite (it's the spell checker nearly put satanic)

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a BT Youview box (on a non BT
broadband connection). just for the catch up services without having an
aerial connected?

You can use a tv just on broadband so I would imagine a Youview box could
be used as well