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Default Weatherproof 4-way splitter

Well I suppose something must be cheaper at Maplin some day...

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"R. Mark Clayton" wrote in message
On Thursday, 31 August 2017 16:20:35 UTC+1, wrote:
On 31/08/2017 15:20, Richard Tobin wrote:
Can anyone recommend a 4-way splitter with a robust weatherproof case?
It's to replace a Labgear 4-way masthead amplifier which stopped
working and the case turned out to have broken. (I don't think I need
the amplification now.)

-- Richard

The small diecast ones are generally waterproof, if you wrap the f
connectors with self amalg.

That's how I used to do outdoor splitters ever since the diecast ones
came out, and I never had water ingress problems.



I agree with the 4 way in a good box, although the splitter is cheaper
from Maplin.