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Default Polaroid (ASDA) TVs

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On Thu, 24 Aug 2017 22:07:56 +0100, "johnt"

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Anyone any experience of these Polaroid TVs?

50" Full HD Smart LED at 299.

The old 28" is just too small especially for sports. Not bothered
about internet connectivity as not fast enough broadband.

There is a review (of sorts) he
.....but 299 for a 50 inch TV does sound rather low. I tend to the view
that you pay for what you get.

Well yea - they want people to send in their comments because ...
ermm ... they haven't reviewed it.

Which? don't have anything on the "Polaroid" TV range which is
annoying as they appear to be made by Vestel is quoted as:

The last Vestel TV I rescued from the bin room had a load of O/C LEDs in the
backlight - which shouldn't happen in a series chain...........

After labouriously seeking out and replacing a load of blown LEDs, a load
more had blown - but I cracked the glass in the struggle anyway.