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Default Polaroid (ASDA) TVs

"Roderick Stewart" wrote in message
Polaroid was originally the company that made instant photographic
film and the cameras that used it. Now they seem to make everything,
mostly nothing to do with film at all. Most large retail places
nowadays have a name they just seem to have stuck on a lot of products
to make them their own brand by implying they all come from one
trusted source. In reality, my understanding is that they just come
from whichever Chinese sweatshop happens to be free this week, so
these "own brand" names although presumably intended to imply
consistency are no guarantee of it at all. Remember Matsui, for
example? Then there's PC World with their brand "AOC", which I've seen
explained as standing for "Any Old Crap" (though I'm sure that can't
be justified at all of course).

Maybe the marketing people think it's easier to adopt an existing name
that's already well known (regardless of what it's actually well known
for) than to try to invent a new one, and that lots of people will
think it's good and buy it anyway. Maybe they're right. Maybe your
prediction of a Heinz TV is not so far fetched after all. If I ever
see one, I'll remember who thought of it first.

There seems to be an epidemic of trusted brand names on any old crap.

I have a pack of "Kodak" batteries from úland - JCB, Panasonic, hitachi,
Philips - the list is endless.

Most of the big Japanese brands have outsourced to the cheapest production
facilities they could find - My Hitachi DAB/CD etc was a no name Chinese
job, and Hitachi didn't even know if any service info ever existed.