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Default Polaroid (ASDA) TVs

On Friday, 25 August 2017 14:48:52 UTC+1, Brian Gaff wrote:
Anyway, thinking about own brand. Why not just use Asda? I always wondered
why Tandy had so many brands. Radio Shack, Realistic etc,

Various reasons, it gives the economic advantages of own-brand with the more upmarket appearance of a shop selling a variety of brands, and helps draw customers away from minority branded goods to the retailer's own brands. It's harder for consumers to rate own-brands as value for money compared to other brands. And if one brand gets a bad reputation it can be easily replaced and causes less reputational harm to the parent brand.

Aldi and Lidl use the same concept. Tesco tried it for a while when they wanted products that were more expensive than Tesco Value but cheaper than Tesco 'Standard'.