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On Thu, 24 Aug 2017 12:11:59 +0100, Davey wrote:

We sat down last night to watch the episode of Inspector Montalbano
recorded on Saturday evening on BBC4, but instead all we have is 1hr 58
mins. of a screen message saying that the channel was either scrambled
or not available. I don't think I was doing any other recordings that
could have overlapped with that one. It tried, and got the timing
right, it just didn't record the programme.

I see that Brian reported a failure of the BBC last night, were they
practising last Saturday evening, or was something else going on?

Any ideas? The PVR is a Humax Fox-T2.

I get that occasionally with a Humax Fox-T2. It is not alway a faulty
recording. The box can get "confused" and fail to replayed a perfectly
good recording. If so it can be fixed by powering the box off and on.
The recording might then be viewable.

There is no garantee, but this does work for me sometimes.

Peter Duncanson