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"Indy Jess John" wrote in message

I am using a cheap and cheerful from Poundland from PVR to TV and that
seems OK, but it is only a metre long. If you need a greater distance
than that, have a look at what is on offer on ebay, because the second
cheapest at that length is probably the going rate in other outlets if you
prefer not to shop at ebay.

Even the longer lengths should be available at a reasonable price. I
bought a 3 Metre cable from ebay with change out of a fiver so that I can
remote my laptop to the TV if I need a big screen display.


My first experience of HD TV was via a Poundland HDMI cable after it dawned
on me that a SCART cable wouldn't do. However I abandoned it and bought
Maplin's cheapest because there was no individual screening and so picked up
interference from neighbouring equipment.
Dave W