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On Tue, 22 Aug 2017 13:16:16 +0100, Indy Jess John

On 22/08/2017 12:41, Tim+ wrote:
I need a new HDMI cable for my PS4 as the old one no longer works. Is
there much difference between cables on the market as there seems to
be loads at different prices?

This one seems well reviewed. Must be a good one. ;-)

For the removal of any doubt, I never spend more than £5 on one, which is
probably £4 more than I need to. ;-)


I am using a cheap and cheerful from Poundland from PVR to TV and that
seems OK, but it is only a metre long. If you need a greater distance
than that, have a look at what is on offer on ebay, because the second
cheapest at that length is probably the going rate in other outlets if
you prefer not to shop at ebay.

Cheap cable ordered from Ebay :-)