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Default My 5.

I did have a chuckle when one channel put out Meteor Storm on the night of
the Persiods shower. Talk about putting the wind up folk.
Stupid plot and naff science.

If of course they run out of material, they seem to just discontinue one
channel and call it something else, like Quest Red and then they can run all
the same dross and say its new to Quest red, when what they really mean its
the same old stuff on a new channel name.

There are also a worrying number of so called psychic programmes on the
smaller channels all about as believable as The tooth fairy.


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You know when this channel turned up I thought as I could only hear the
name, that MI5 had their own channel, but instead its boredom central, ie
all the crap that nobody wanted to see on ch 5 repeated indefinitely.

Too little content is spread too thinly on all the channels.

There's a collection of channels keep passing the same movie among
themselves till they wear it out.