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Default Query: Reception on Cambs. - Norfolk Border

"Mark Carver" wrote in message
On 20/08/2017 19:41, Woody wrote:

No, in this instance Belmont is the preferred site even if it
radiate (IMO the dreadful) Anglia TV.

All that's left of the legacy English and Welsh ITV stations, is a
homologised style local news programme.

Anyway BBC or ITV news from Hull/Leeds isn't much use on the
Cambs/Norfolk border, it it ?

Actually it is as different local news bulletins are radiated from
Belmont and Emley - as indeed happens in many areas such as Anglia E
and Anglia W, TT north and TT South, etc. Belmont is listed as E Yorks
and Lincs but usually carries items pertaining to the area around The
Wash as I have seen myself.


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