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Default Query: Reception on Cambs. - Norfolk Border

On Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:37:08 +0100
"Woody" wrote:

"Eddie King" wrote in message

a relative will shortly be moving to the PE14 area, just on the
Norfolk side of the border.

I note the location is about equal distance (60km as the crow
flies) from Sandy Heath and Tacolneston.

Can anyone confirm which TX best serves the area in question and
give any advice on the signal strengths to be expected.

Many thanks, Eddie

Good heavens, he still exists! Keil - or have you moved?

Transmitter - Belmont actually and it broadcasts a E
Yorks/Lincs/north Norfolk regional opt-out.

Have a look at, expand the map and drag it so
that it shows the relevant area, then click on the transmitters of
your choice and it will show the approximate coverage.

Doing that indicates a close thing between Belmont and Sandy Heath. I agree, to my
surprise, that Tacolneston, my transmitter, is out of the picture (!)
for this area.