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Default Cold reboot needed for TV

Yes well inside most of the Sony ones seems to be a glorified Android phone
with no telephone connection and a big screen driver and custom software.
I am just wondering where its all going to end.

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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
Yesterday, as on many previous occasions, I got a YouTube video on my
Panasonic TX-55CX680B "Smart" TV for my grandson. As the advert at the
start came to an end, the screen froze, then went blank. I could not get
back to the video or even to the TV channels. The only buttons on the
remote which the TV responded to were the eHelp and Power on/off (into

Leaving it in standby for a minute or two didn't help. I could turn the TV
on, but other than the eHelp button, it didn't respond. So I turned it off
at the mains, waited for a couple of minutes and turned it on again.
Everything was back to normal, and this time the YouTube video was fine.

Bloody computers!