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Default Humax PVR9300T.

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Why is my Humax PVR9300T slower than a M$ OS?!!!!!

Using which processor?

Poking around the menus looking for that info invoked channel
search - it got BBC London again instead of BBC East.

Would an attenuator stop it doing that?

Manual tuning of the relevant UHF channels is the usual
recommendation to fix that problem.

Can't find the user manual and/or figure out the manual tuning

I'm after the Sandy Heath transmitter if you have any idea how to

Didn't look very far for manual tuning did you?

Page GB61 section 10.2 is rather revealing - maybe?

Sandy channels are 27, 24, 51, 52, and 48.

The first number didn't find any channels - one of those after it
found several BBC channels, but put them in weird places.

Manually scanning just the Sandy Heath numbers didn't get any BBC
channels at all.

Not the result I was hoping, but BBC London was unwatchable.

Now this may seem a daft question, but if you are trying to receive
Sandy where are you, how high is your aerial and which direction and
polarity is it pointing?

Its pointed at Sandy heath, which i'd be able to see the mast
navigation lights if I stood on the roof next to it - London is at
least 5x further away.

London is so weak it keeps breaking up - but that doesn't stop my PVR
ignoring Sandy Heath.

Ah, got it. Your PVR is not ignoring Sandy, it has at some point just
found Crystal Palace first and is putting Sandy in the 800's as it
thinks they are duplicates.

Nope - it ignores Sandy heath, BBC1 E ends up on 800 when I do a manual
scan and add channels.

That was the point I was making, you need to wipe what it knows already
and then do a full manual channel load.

There is a delete button after scan, I can abort by pressing menu with
nothing saved and it seems to launch automatic scan before giving me the
choice of manual - stopping that leaves it empty too.

The factory reset was done early on.