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On 17/08/2017 07:35, Woody wrote:

It is all down to the stupid way that TVs etc autotune - they start
the bottom and tune upwards and CP channels are all in group A (the
20's) where Sandy is split across two groups. The manufacturers
overcame this with later firmware by placing a regionalisation*
at the end of the autotune which your PVR, being older, does not
Doing a full manual tune is the only way around it.

I have an elderly SD-only Panasonic that starts at 20 and works up,
and it stores any channel as it finds them along with its strength
indicator. If it later finds a stronger signal on a channel it
already has, it replaces the earlier find with the later one. It
has never given a problem on an automatic retune, always presenting
a set of the strongest signals. Although it also has a manual
retune option, I have never needed to use it.

If they could do that in a box bought many years ago and it was
successful, why did they drop the idea in the later models?

I too have probably the same 26" TV and it does exactly as you
describe. The trouble is both Bilsdale and Emley are present here
within about 10 deg of 180 from each other and Bilsdale is a
marginally higher signal despite being on the back of the aerial. Ergo
I do an auto tune and it will select Bilsdale as it decides that is
the stronger station even though I want to watch Emley.

On other hand our also elderly Sharp 32" bedroom TV gets it right on
an autotune.



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