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Default Humax PVR9300T.

On 17/08/2017 07:35, Woody wrote:

It is all down to the stupid way that TVs etc autotune - they start at
the bottom and tune upwards and CP channels are all in group A (the
20's) where Sandy is split across two groups. The manufacturers
overcame this with later firmware by placing a regionalisation* option
at the end of the autotune which your PVR, being older, does not have.
Doing a full manual tune is the only way around it.

I have an elderly SD-only Panasonic that starts at 20 and works up, and
it stores any channel as it finds them along with its strength
indicator. If it later finds a stronger signal on a channel it already
has, it replaces the earlier find with the later one. It has never
given a problem on an automatic retune, always presenting a set of the
strongest signals. Although it also has a manual retune option, I have
never needed to use it.

If they could do that in a box bought many years ago and it was
successful, why did they drop the idea in the later models?