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Default Humax PVR9300T.

On 15/08/2017 19:37, Ian Field wrote:
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On 14/08/2017 20:51, Ian Field wrote:
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On Sun, 13 Aug 2017 19:00:47 +0100, "Ian Field"

Why is my Humax PVR9300T slower than a M$ OS?!!!!!

Using which processor?

Poking around the menus looking for that info invoked channel search
- it got BBC London again instead of BBC East.

Would an attenuator stop it doing that?

Manual tuning of the relevant UHF channels is the usual recommendation
to fix that problem.

Can't find the user manual and/or figure out the manual tuning

Section 10.2, "Manual Search", p61.

I'm after the Sandy Heath transmitter if you have any idea how to proceed?

See the extreme RHS column, "Now", for the UHF channel numbers.

Max Demian