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Default blackberries near Peterborough

I'm always a bit suspicious about such places. Its probably on top of a
nuclear waste dump or something.
Incidentally I see this was crossposted to a DIY group. Not sure ther there
is a pick it yourself group on here.
Do they do this sort of thing in the states?

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
Go to the Services at the junction of the A1 and the A605. The lorry and
caravan parking area is a long thin bit to the west of the rest of the
site. Go right to the end, in between the two rows of lorries and
caravans. At the end on the left in the corner is a little plantation of
trees, including some oaks. When nobody's looking nip into it and head
south about five yards and find the break in the fence. Just though there
is an old abandoned road. Everything is very overgrown and the area is
totally hidden. Walk a short distance along this road (which is barely
visible because of the plant growth) to the east and you will find the
best most luxuriant set of blackberry bushes I've ever seen. I picked some
but was short of time. They are absolutely at their best; pest free and