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Default ITV Newsroom background

Do you recall those years ago, during Wimbledon those windows that were
supposed to show a view out over Wimbledon, and it might have worked except
for the time when the whole scene jolted several times, showing it to be
some remote camera somewhere being knocked.

I'm not sure why this sort of thing is done.
It reminds me of the old program ZCars.
they had the car in a studio with the slightly defocused back projected
moving scene behind it. There were obviously people on their hands and knees
wobbling the car a bit but the steering etc, inside did not agree with the
turns in the back projection. I used to have a good laugh back in the day.
Bit like Crosroads wobbly scenery and that painted curtain of a brick wall,
or Prisoner Cell Block H where the cells wobbled and nobody could remember
their lines.


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On 2017-08-11, Dave W wrote:
In the ITV 'newsroom' which is mainly CGI, I find myself watching the
background more than the presenter. It's totally ludicrous, with
hundreds of
screens and open laptops all showing different pictures, yet nobody
them. I look out for a screen featuring a man in a red lifejacket, soon
after the background has been started up. I wonder how long it runs
repeating. Then again I have seen the whole 'newsroom' behind the
miraculously replaced by a view of the Thames behind the same 'glass'.

There is a youtube video with Mary Nightingale, showing that only the
newsdesk is real, in front of a green screen.

ITV News must have a very low opinion of its audience.

What amazes me is that you believed any of it in the first place.

I didn't.
Dave W