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Default ITV Newsroom background

Yes its just production values really its cheap to do and so its done.


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"Huge" wrote in message
On 2017-08-11, Dave W wrote:
In the ITV 'newsroom' which is mainly CGI, I find myself watching the
background more than the presenter. It's totally ludicrous, with hundreds
screens and open laptops all showing different pictures, yet nobody
them. I look out for a screen featuring a man in a red lifejacket, soon
after the background has been started up. I wonder how long it runs
repeating. Then again I have seen the whole 'newsroom' behind the 'glass'
miraculously replaced by a view of the Thames behind the same 'glass'.

There is a youtube video with Mary Nightingale, showing that only the
newsdesk is real, in front of a green screen.

ITV News must have a very low opinion of its audience.

What amazes me is that you believed any of it in the first place.

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