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Somebody needs to get on the roof, and fit a decent aerial or realign etc
the old one.
I think Digital quality is a bit of a black art. My loft mounted one says
all the channels are from 100 to 70 percent with good quality when if you
actually try to watch said stuff some break up for no reason. Move the
aerial atiny bit and although no difference in quality, it works.
It would be very interesting to know how the error detection actually

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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
We've just been staying in a holiday cottage west of Bristol. The TV
reception was poor - no signal from Mendip due to a hill being in the way,
so reception was from Wenvoe (about 30km west).

According to reception should
have been good, but it wasn't. There was nothing on Com 6, 7, and 8 - none
of the 3 TVs there would even register their existence. PSB1/BBCA was very
weak most of the time, with extreme pixellation and intermittent sound (is
there a technical term for those loud squeaks?). Often there was no
picture or sound on any of that Com's channels. There were no radio
stations available. PSB2 was similarly weak. Basically, those Com's SD
channels were essentially unviewable.

PSB3 was fine, with the HD channels for BBC1, 2, ITV1, Ch4 and Ch5 showing
no breakup at all.

Com 5 was also OK, with no breakup at all, despite being at half the power
(50kW) of the other Coms. And, most annoying, local channel "Made in
Cardiff" came through loud and clear, even though only transmitting at

The aerial was a 5-bay (7-element in old money) x-beam feeding an SLX
6-output amp. In my opinion the aerial was misaligned, pointing up about
20 degrees, and south of the correct line to Wenvoe (the cottage next door
had perfect reception on SD with its 9-element x-beam).

Any comments on the poor SD reception?