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On 06/08/17 13:13, Terry Casey wrote:
In article ,
lid says...

The aerial was a 5-bay (7-element in old money) x-beam
feeding an SLX 6-output amp. In my opinion the aerial was
misaligned, pointing up about 20 degrees, and south of the
correct line to Wenvoe (the cottage next door had perfect
reception on SD with its 9-element x-beam).

Any comments on the poor SD reception?

Well, the aerial misalignment wouldn't have helped but are
you sure that the amplifier was working?

If it was accessible I'd have carried out two checks - is it
cold? (no power) and tried bypassing it by connecting the
input to one of the active outputs to see if it corrected
the problem on the set it fed.

Were the sets tuned to the correct transmitter? Assuming
that the good muxes came from Wenvoe - reception of "Made
in Cardiff" says that some of them were from Wenvoe but were
the poor/missing ones being attempted from Mendip?

The amp was working as far as I could tell. I retuned all the TVs on
Wednesday, but it made no difference to the poor reception. The main TV
was a Seiki(?), which had an HD tuner. The other two were identical
SD-only JVCs.

I had assumed that all reception was being attempted from Wenvoe, as the
local news on BBC and ITV was from Wales. But I suppose there could have
been interference from Mendip, as the map at shows good reception where I
was. When I retuned, as far as I remember channel reception started in
the C40 region, which would have been Wenvoe, but I didn't notice what
happened in the high 40s and into the 50s, which could have been Mendip.
To me the puzzle is why Com 5 seemed to work ok when the other SD Coms
played up.

Unfortunately we left yesterday so I can't test anything!