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Default Humax Freesat upgrade

Everything is set to go up in price a lot in the next year or so, so now is
the time to jump.

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"David" wrote in message
On Thu, 03 Aug 2017 14:55:19 +0000, David wrote:

We have a (several years) old Humax Foxsat HD where the BBC iPlayer no
longer works and there is no recording capability (internal or

We also have a Humax HB1000S with an external drive for recording. The
only issue with this is the single tuner which means you can't watch one
thing and record another. However this isn't a massive issue because I
would have to upgrade from a 4 port LNB to an 8 port LNB and run extra
cable around the house to be able to use any more tuners.

Now Humax Direct offer a refurbished HB-1000S for 69 and I can get a
1TB external USB drive from Argos for under 50 so for around 120 I can
get a more recent Freesat recorder.

The cheapest from Humax with an internal disc is the HDR-1100S 500GB at
149.99. 1TB is 189.99.

So I am struggling to decide if I should get the 2 tuner setup for the
extra recording ability or just get another single tuner setup and
source an external drive.

Any other options which perform as well as the Humax and also don't cost
a fortune?

I'm just trying to work out at the moment if I will regret not getting
that extra tuner.

Just checked back and our current HB1000S (G) cost us 39.
Then again that was an amazingly good price!


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