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Default IOT] Bostik No,. 2

On 01/08/2017 19:07, Andy Burns wrote:
Pinnerite wrote:

Pinnerite wrote:

I needed to plug the top of a small short black plastic tube. After
scratching my head for a bit, I remembered that I once had a tube of
Bostik number 2, kept in a garage drawer.

Unfortunately we have not heard of this product.

Was it a particularly gungey thick black glue, with a big 'key' to wind
it from the bottom of the tube? I seem to remember Dad eeking out a tube
for decades ...

I remember a similar tube of gungy *white* glue. I assumed that was the
best that Bostik could manage at the time.

And there was, "Don't say glue, say UHU! It'll stick to anything".

There used to be loads of rubbish glues in the past, not to mention wood
glue made by boiling down cow hoofs, and a cold water version of
flour-and-water glue, which I think was called "Tapwatar". I used a
version of the latter to cement together the ceramic bricks of my
Brickplayer kit: . You soaked them it
water to disassemble them.

Max Demian