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Default BBC news coverage of the Passchendaele centenary.

On 31/07/2017 18:23, Terry Casey wrote:

I was appalled by the inaccuracies in the the BBC's 10
o'clock News last night in the reports of the centenary of
the start of the Third Battle of Ieper.

I agree with you as regards the facts of the war. But I feel your
criticism of the use of Ypres is OTT. That is how the place was and is
generally known to the British; and the town's own tourist site seems to
have no problem with Ypres for English. In other words, I suggest they
like me see the town as having many names in many different languages -
a sign of how widely known it is in different countries.

Similarly while the French and English names for Ieper may be spelt the
same (Ypres) they are not necessarily pronounced the same. A bit like
Paris perhaps - apart from those who always pronounce that as a French
speaker would, even when speaking English.

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