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Default IOT] Bostik No,. 2

On 31/07/17 16:21, Pinnerite wrote:
I needed to plug the top of a small short black plastic tube. After
scratching my head for a bit, I remembered that I once had a tube of Bostik
number 2, kept in a garage drawer.

I recovered it, a little dusty but otherwise unaffected by the effluxion of
time. After applying it I realised that I could not remember how long it
would take to cure. What's more the tube was now the partly rolled up
obscuring the instructions.

Googling produced no recognisable results for Bostik 2.

Does anyone on this NG recognise or have I woken up in a parallel world?

The following identifies it as a waterproof rubber based solvent glue,

Strange that there is nothing else I've found on the webs. I do remember
the name "Bostik no 2". It's strange Bostik don't....

The solvents should be quick to disperse. I'd give it 6 to 24 hours,
then give it a sniff. If you are then transported to another world of
technicolor flying pink elephants and dancing Martians dressed up as
Pan's People, then probably give it another 24hrs and repeat.

Adrian C