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Default BBC News Blunder

"Java Jive" wrote in message
"Powys man gets broadband via satellite over Africa"

"[It is the same satellite companies like Sky use to broadcast their
TV signal and] they are positioned above the equator to maximise

Oh dear! Actually, they are positioned over the equator because that
is the only place you can obtain a geo-stationary orbit, enabling
fixed dishes to work. Satellites that aren't in geo-stationary orbit
require movable dishes that can track an orbit to communicate with
them ...

Could you not have a satellite in a geostationary orbit above another line
of latitude than the equator, as long as it still rotates in a line parallel
to the equator and rotates around the earth at the same rate as the earth
spins? Or would there be a nett force dragging it towards the nearer of the
two poles - is the equator the only place for geostationary because there is
no nett force towards either pole?