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Well at least its not my typos this time.
Going back though back in the 70s I had a 15ft mast on the chimney with a
rota fm array, and uhf log periodic, and below the rotator a two boom 18
eel array pointing at Hannington for South itv.
I took it down when it started to fall to bits, but I went to the council
at the time and they said if the neighbours were happy they had no need to
They were except one little old lady from down the street who sent the
police round after it had been up nearly a year as she though it might be
that I was a spy. Quite how that logic worked I don't know, as a spy would
surely not advertise the fact by shoving up a big aerial, wood they?

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Robin wrote:

it may also be low enough to be hit by people
carrying adders or other stuff along the alley.

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