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Default Aerial overhang

Things that overhang another person's property without permission are a

In practice a lot depends on who owns the alley and who uses it. But an
aerial there will be visible and unusual. And if it is low enough to
tempt the local yobs it may also be low enough to be hit by people
carrying adders or other stuff along the alley.

As you probably know there are also limits on the number and sizes of
aerials you can lawfully fit without planning permission.

On 28/07/2017 07:51, Brian Gaff wrote:
I was just wondering how the law might see a pole fastened to a convenient
fence post in my garden fence line at the bottom with an aerial on it. The
point is that it would point out toward the back alley overhanging it. Apart
from the temptation for the local yobs to attempt to damage it, does this
sort of thing contravene any laws? I as as if you have aerials on chimneys
or gable ends one often finds that they have to point out and overhang other
properties or public roads, albeit very high up.


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