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Default "Fearlss" Episode 6: Review

Been looking in vain since the final version went out on Monday for a
review that explains the scene with the apparently boobytrapped car.

Seems Banville wore a 'wire tap' to catch out the minister, but no
explanation as to :

(1) The coincidence that he turned up just at the right time to
judge that Banville's car might be boobytrapped.

(2) Why the bomb that the American agent (we were led to believe)
had arranged to be placed in/under her car didn't go off when she drove

If, in fact, it was a microphone and transmitter that she had
ordered to be placed in the car (to expose the minister and thus 'clean
up the situation'), how come she was arrested?

And how come the police cars arrived seconds after Banville had
driven off?

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