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Default I can't get rid of the smell

"Indy Jess John" wrote in message
On 21/07/2017 17:29, Brian Gaff wrote:

Has anyone heard of this before? I know sometimes when you are ill you
spurious smells but I don't think that is the case here, unless some bugs
living in my TV have taken up residency in my nose.

The most likely explanation is that the smell has got into your clothing
and you are carrying it around with you.

I had a doctor's appointment last year, with a doctor I was seeing for the
first time. She asked me how many I smoked, and I told her I hadn't
smoked for over 40 years. She thought that unusual because she could smell
the smoke. It seems that earlier in the day I had been in the company of
a friend who smoked, and the smell had got into my clothes, and that is
why she assumed I smoked.

Something similar may have happened to you with the smell from the TV.

At long last! - Smellyvision.