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Default I can't get rid of the smell

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message
T'other day, I put on my not that old TV. I never normally use it when I'm
here on my own as the screen is a little redundant. However it was dusty
inside it and as it got warm it made a smell not unlike that combination
of old fan heater and melting transformer varnish one gets on older gear.
No its flat screen, but anyway, eventually I forgot about it and yet
since then all I can smell is this smell. Its in my nose even if I'm in
another house.
Has anyone heard of this before? I know sometimes when you are ill you get
spurious smells but I don't think that is the case here, unless some bugs
living in my TV have taken up residency in my nose.

A trick some equipment restorers use is pack it with deodourising kitty

Its mostly non smokers handling stuff from a smoker household, but should
work with other nasty niffs.

Fidelity CTVs were the undisputed kings of peculiar smells while warming up.
Philips TVs tried to keep up when they'd been stored in damp conditions.