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On Fri, 14 Jul 2017 21:39:24 +0100, Jeff Layman

The Panasonic has an "Aspect" button on the remote

Reminds me of a DVD player bought a long time ago. After some nine
months the picture went one day whilst watching something. Sound was
OK. Meter proved there was 'something variable' coming out of the
SCART during play, but nothing on the TV.

Took it back to Richer Sounds under warranty. Their guy smiled and
said he'll fix it in seconds.

He did - by pressing the P-scan / I-scan button which was right next
to 'fast forward' or something like that. He also complained about
the manufacturer for designing something stupid.

A bit akin to having a 110/240 selector switch adjacent to the power
on/off switch.


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