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On Fri, 14 Jul 2017 21:39:24 +0100, Jeff Layman

Fortuitously, I was in John Lewis today, and decided to browse round the
TV dept. In one area they had the "customer returns", and I spotted a
Manhattan Plaza HD T2 box, with "Customer cannot use" written on it. It
was reduced to 30! Now I've read some reviews where some pickle-heads
give the box one star because it wouldn't work with their satellite
dish! And for other equally weird reasons. Now JL returned stuff is
normally pretty good value, and you can always return it for a full
refund, so I thought I'd chance it. When I opened the packaging, I found
the box had never been used. The remote's batteries were still in a
sealed pack, as was the included HDMI cable. Also, the initial setup
came up when I connected it by HDMI to the TV, so it was unused.

I've got the answer - the missing word is "brain". The label should
have read "Customer cannot use brain".