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I don't think so. This is purely a result of the Panasonic TV being old
enough to have a 14:9 option for the display. But, as I mentioned, why
this aspect was set for that particular HDMI input I have no idea. I had
been using it with an HD PVR set to 16:9, and the picture from that on
the TV was perfect in SD and HD.

There is something in this HD box which may be of interest to you, and
that is Audio Description. The manual has this info:

"Some programmes have an extra soundtrack to tell people who are
blind or partially sighted what is happening on screen. Channels
with this audio description available show the "AD" symbol in the
information bar (NB I am not sure what use this is to those who need to
use AD in the first place!!!).

To turn on audio description, press the AD button on the remote. If audio
description is available for the current programme, a notification
will be displayed showing “Audio Description On”. If audio
description is not available for the current programme, the
notification will show “Audio Description On but unavailable with
this programme”. When the next programme you watch has audio
description, it will then be heard. To turn audio description off,
press the AD button."

I suppose that at least it gives you a simple method to see if there is
AD available or not on a fairly new HD box.



On 15/07/17 10:10, Brian Gaff wrote:
Is not this what happens when two sets of designers in probably different
countries adopt logic which is totally illogical to the other so to speak.