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Is not this what happens when two sets of designers in probably different
countries adopt logic which is totally illogical to the other so to speak.


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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
I have an old, but perfectly usable, 37" Panasonic LED TV. It happily
displays full HD (1080i/p), but only has an SD tuner. With so much being
transmitted on HD channels, I thought it time to get an HD box for it.
Fortuitously, I was in John Lewis today, and decided to browse round the TV
dept. In one area they had the "customer returns", and I spotted a
Manhattan Plaza HD T2 box, with "Customer cannot use" written on it. It was
reduced to 30! Now I've read some reviews where some pickle-heads give the
box one star because it wouldn't work with their satellite dish! And for
other equally weird reasons. Now JL returned stuff is normally pretty good
value, and you can always return it for a full refund, so I thought I'd
chance it. When I opened the packaging, I found the box had never been
used. The remote's batteries were still in a sealed pack, as was the
included HDMI cable. Also, the initial setup came up when I connected it by
HDMI to the TV, so it was unused.

The initial setup asked if I wanted a 16:9 or 4:3 display, auto or
selected, and 576, 720p or 1080i/p resolution. Those were the only
options. I selected 16:9, auto, and 1080p. It then set about autotuning,
and after a few minutes (it is a rather slow box) BBC1 appeared on Channel
1. Perfect. Then I changed to HD on 101. Immediately the picture
changed - narrow black bars at the sides, and overscan top and bottom, so
part of the picture was missing. Changing the picture setup to 576 whilst
still on 101 solved the format problem, but of course there was now no HD
display, only SD. At 720p, the format was as wrong as it had been with

I went through the picture setup menu again, but couldn't get the format
right in HD. I went through the Panasonic's picture setup menu too, but
there was nothing of help there. On pressing the Panasonic's info button,
it informed me the picture was 1080p, and the aspect ratio was 14:9. But
the Manhattan did not have an option for 14:9 display! So was the box

After half an hour looking through both manuals without finding the
solution I suddenly had an idea. A second later I had the solution and the
HD picture was now correctly displayed. Scroll down for the answer.

The Panasonic has an "Aspect" button on the remote (there is no "aspect"
adjustment within the picture menu). When I pressed it, the display box
showed the selection wasn't 16:9 or 4:3 - it was 14:9! As soon as I
changed it to 16:9, the HD picture became normal. Why it was on 14:9 I
have no idea.