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On 14/07/17 22:30, NY wrote:
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After half an hour looking through both manuals without finding the
solution I suddenly had an idea. A second later I had the solution and the
HD picture was now correctly displayed. Scroll down for the answer.

The Panasonic has an "Aspect" button on the remote (there is no "aspect"
adjustment within the picture menu). When I pressed it, the display box
showed the selection wasn't 16:9 or 4:3 - it was 14:9! As soon as I
changed it to 16:9, the HD picture became normal. Why it was on 14:9 I
have no idea.

(I've preserved the spoiler space!)

I should have worked that one out (but I didn't) because I used to have a
Panasonic CRT TV and I was very used to having to manually switch between
4:3 for analogue TV and 16:9 for the SCART input from my OnDigital DVB-T
box, because that box didn't set the relevant pin on the SCART to indicate
"this is a widescreen programme". I'd forgotten that there was a third
setting 14:9 for that abomination of the changeover period: 14:9, which I
presume was a slightly zoomed-out version of the 16:9 original (as would be
transmitted on digital) with all the height but the extreme edges chopped
off, so you got a little bit more picture width than with 4:3.

It's easy to forget things when you don't use them! This was the "spare"
TV which I'd rarely used in the last 18 months. Also, I'd hardly ever
had need to use the "aspect" button (only for the odd old programme in
4:3 which wasn't picked up by "auto"), so had forgotten about it entirely.