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Default Philips with extended accessibility

On Friday, 14 July 2017 11:32:08 UTC+1, Andy Burns wrote:
Martin wrote:

Philips is still Philips.

But not for tellies

Or washing machines. We bought Philips white goods back in 1987. The washing machine lasted 23 years with minor repairs before the pump failed and I decided it would be better to replace than repair. The dishwasher lasted 27 years, with one minor repair and some trim snags before being part exchanged for a new Bosch one. The tumble drier is still going, although the delay timer no longer works.

Sadly Philips sold out to Whirlpool, which IIRC Which? has as the least reliable brand.

Our top of the range Philips CRT TV of ~1996 had no faults and was upgraded to Philips flat screen when our area went digital in 2009. Sadly this had a design problem that meant it mishandled aspect ratios. After two failed upgrades Philips claimed this was correct operation, so they and RS were sent photos of theirs and an LG side by side with a test card. RS asked us to return it and we bought an LG instead.