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Default Philips with extended accessibility

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On 13/07/2017 22:44, Woody wrote:

Despite the fact that many people do not (for some reason) like
Philips - and that Philips now only licence the badge for a Chinese
made product - you will generally find a better quality LCD panel
them than most other well known makes.

About 10 years ago, my CRT monitor failed and I decided to get a
flat screen replacement. I went into PC World and looked at all the
monitors they had powered up. I bought a Philips monitor because it
had the best colour and the clearest resolution of all the ones that

It is still working, now connected to its third PC tower. I have no
complaints about its quality or longevity.

Now you are talking. We had two Philips CRT TVs, 14" and 16" for
bedroom use. The 14" was still working when we replaced it at 18 years
(albeit with some of the buttons broken but working) and the 16"
lasted 16 years. Both of them had the standard fault of that chassis -
insufficient heat-sinking on the line transistor which was easy to
replace and use a larger clip-on heatsink.

The good thing about Philips used to be that service manuals were
easily and readily available and inexpensive - as indeed were the free
service bulletins in years gone by.


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