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I do wish they would leave stuff alone though. Every time I do a retune
I need to do it more than once as usually some seem to be unobtainable
for some odd reason.
Its just a bit of a silly way to go on. When they invented the system
you would have thought it might have been bomb proof in its specs.

I can understand why it wasn't when they "invented" it,

but it certainly should have been part of the spec for freeview plus for
seamless channel reorganisations

The problem is that there wasn't a proper plan of the LCN assignments at
the start, with separate decades or centuries for each genre, and lots of
spare space for new channels in each genre.

but that's not the problem at all

the problem is that no-one mandated that there should be an automatic way
for boxes to move the virtual representation of a channel to point to the
new physical location of the channel when that changes. So every man and
his dog has to do a manual retune far too frequently..

This is not rocket science, it is no more difficult than a mobile phone
changing a frequency during a call if you move to an adjacent cell.

All it needs is some thought when you design your system. And there's no
reason why it couldn't be added to the encoding after it had been originally