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Gimmick alert, warning warning...
Its a load of old tosh, being added because they have sodall else to offer
we have not all had before.
To my mind the main thrust ought to be simplicity of operation not more
clutter and second guessing of what you want.

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"Indy Jess John" wrote in message
On 13/07/2017 08:22, Jeff Layman wrote:
I missed this a few weeks ago:

The only drawback to this is that someone chooses the category and their
opinion might not be mine.

Is "Watchdog" categorised as Factual or Lifestyle, for instance

Also, when I am trying to find a programme by using a remote control, how
does it help me to have a small number of large pictures which are clearly
designed for a touchscreen tablet, when what I want is a screen based
keyboard and a "Search" button.

I can't see this development enhancing my experience one jot.