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Default channel line-up

I can see I'll have to investigate pc based freeview. The only unknown
quantity is whether the software complies with accessibility specs well
enough to work with a screenreader. Another thing they could do to help the
blind is write an Amazon Echo skill for this stuff.
Voice control has got to be the ultimate couch potato way.

Alexa, record bbc1 at 7pm today with audio description.

I suspect everything will end up satellite based or internet based, as how
much longer will freeview go on with the pressure of mobile data companies
offering green stuff to the gov.

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I do wish they would leave stuff alone though. Every time I do a retune
I need to do it more than once as usually some seem to be unobtainable
for some odd reason.
Its just a bit of a silly way to go on. When they invented the system
you would have thought it might have been bomb proof in its specs.

I can understand why it wasn't when they "invented" it,

but it certainly should have been part of the spec for freeview plus for
seamless channel reorganisations

The problem is that there wasn't a proper plan of the LCN assignments at
the start, with separate decades or centuries for each genre, and lots of
spare space for new channels in each genre.

I'm sure it wasn't that long ago that there was another renumbering
exercise to put adult channels as far away from other channels as possible
to reduce the chance of encountering them accidentally. And I think the
children's channels were renumbered at that time too, so why are they
being renumbered again?

Someone said that it didn't matter what LCN was used because he searched
for the channel or the programme. That's valid up to a point, but I find
that I learn the LCNs of the channels that I access frequently and type
them explicitly: it's quicker to key 20 to get to Drama than it is to
scroll up or down the list by pressing Up or Down an arbitrary number of
times, or to enter the first few letters of the channel or programme name
using the 1=ABC, 2=DEF letter-to-digit assignments on a remote control, as
you have to do on a Sky box.

Likewise when going to a channel in the EPG - I do it by LCN unless the
channel whose listings I want to scroll through is within a couple of
channels of the one that is currently selected.

On a PC, it's easier: you've got a proper QWERTY keyboard so it's easy to
search by channel or programme name - that's what I usually do with
Windows Media Centre or Next PVR which is how I record most programmes
nowadays, either for timeshifting or archiving.